The pain and discomfort of a urinary tract infection are some of the most frequent medical complaints among women. The vast majority of UTIs are caused by the common bacteria E.coli. While harmless in the small intestine where it normally resides, E.coli becomes a problem when it migrates up the urinary tract, grabs on to the bladder wall and begins to multiply. The result is the pain, irritation and infection associated with a UTI.

Usually, antibiotics are prescribed to kill the E.coli. And while in some cases it’s necessary, we know antibiotics come with a host of side effects. One problem is antibiotics kill all bacteria, good and bad. However, killing off the good bacteria only makes you more susceptible to future infections because good bacteria keep the bad stuff at bay. Many health experts think there is a better way.

Cranberries contain a simple sugar called D-mannose. While our bodies cannot process D-mannose (it does not effect blood sugar), E.coli love it. In fact, if you have enough D-mannose in your system, the bacteria will simply let go of the bladder wall and grab onto the D-mannose molecule. When you go to the bathroom, the E.coli, now clutching to the D-mannose, quite literally get flushed from your system without harming the good bacteria.

While drinking cranberry juice can be helpful, it’s often not potent enough in D-mannose. To that end, I have had numerous customers tell me Solgar’s CranFlora has really helped. It combines the most potent cranberry extract available with a powerful dose of probiotics. The goal here is to flush away the E.coli while increasing the balance of good bacteria to ward off any future problems. Most women report results in two to three days. CranFlora can be taken when needed, or daily if you are prone to frequent disturbances.

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