For many, this is “the most wonderful time of the year.” Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when stuffy noses, body aches and just overall blah-ness start to take hold as our immune system begins its seemingly endless battle against a host of seasonal challenges.

I’m often asked what I take to kick a cold. One product that’s really helped me is Quick Defense by Gaia Herbs. Quick Defense contains two species of echinacea root. Echinacea helps by supporting the tissues of the sinuses and throat that are exposed to airborne stressors and helps boost immune response.

As important as the type of echinacea used is how it’s prepared. The herbs in Quick Defense are supercritically extracted, a process that yields a more powerful and effective product than traditional preparations. Quick Defense also provides a blend of time tested immune supporters, including elderberry, ginger and andrographis in easy-to-take, liquid-filled capsules. For best results, I take it as soon as I start to feel run down.

Gaia recommends taking two capsules, five times daily for two days. It sounds like a lot to take, but if you ask Vital Choice staff dietitian Nicole Gould, RD, LD, it’s well worth it.

“There have been multiple times the kiddos have come down with colds and, of course, a couple of days later I woke up feeling lousy (stuffy nose, achy and run down). When I take Quick Defense, it seems like that’s as bad as my symptoms ever get. I never get the full-blown thing and I really only feel ‘off’ for a day. I love this product.”

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